Sacred findings at Lyon’s Ranch, Bald Hills

Walk down this road and you’ll find this…

Enter the barn and you’ll find this…

In the barn

And this…

Then enter the Shepherd’s cabin and you’ll see this…

And this…

As well as the newspapers from 1912 that tell you how to rid yourself of gray hair (at your own peril, it seems).

At the risk of sounding hokey, it warms my heart to find all these great “artifacts” right where they belong…

If you visit, leave them there.  But take photos.  Lots of them.  And share, please…

Lyon’s Ranch is east of Orick on Bald Hills Road.  It is part of the park and open to the public.  If you go, bring your hiking/walking shoes as the homestead site is about two miles down the road.   But it is a beautiful road…


3 Responses to Sacred findings at Lyon’s Ranch, Bald Hills

  1. […] All of these things were found at Lyon’s Ranch. […]

  2. Evelyn Niehues says:

    This is wonderful!!! I had no idea that my ggggrandparents ranch was a historical site. There are plenty of his and Whet-ta-ima’s (Amelia) descendents still living in Covelo and the Sacramento Valley. We are all very excited to come and visit the “Home Place” soon!!!
    Evelyn N.

    • Lynette M says:

      It is a truly beautiful place and one of my favorite hikes. A bit off the beaten path but so worth it !!! Glad you found the blog and are learning more about your family’s history.

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