NorCal Genealogy

Greetings everyone,

I’ve… well, I’ve been busy, but wanted to give you a way to keep playing on this blog until things slow down for me (which, honestly, probably won’t be before the end of the year).

So, SO !  I’ve created a New Page for this site HERE  (and linked from the tab above) focusing (hopefully, as it is up to you) on NorthCoast Genealogy.  I’ve watched so many visitors help each other connect and find and share family  information that I thought it would be useful to create an area dedicated to just that. 

Please use it.

And have fun.

You can post family names/questions in the general comments section or send me an email ( and I should (haven’t practiced yet but my theory is pretty sound) be able to establish a separate page for that family.  We’ll make it work.  Just send me the names. Please.


One Response to NorCal Genealogy

  1. Carolyn M. Johnson says:

    Having just discovered the NorCal Blog – – and taking Lynette up on her “Genealogy” offer – – – I’m wondering if there’s a map available on-line that’s similar to the 1921 Belcher Atlas, but is for sometime in the 1860s ?
    My gr-gr-grandmother, Calista C. THACKER HALSEL, along with her husband WILSON F. HALSEL and a whole slew of relatives (father, step-brother, cousins, in-laws) came to SoHum sometime between 1855-1860. In 1860 Census, the Halsel family is living with O’Dell and Cassens, adjacent to the RUSS family (I think on the Bear River). After that Census, they spread out all over the So Humboldt co area.
    Anybody have any ideas where I could find a map showing property owners during the 1860s? Many thanks for whatever help/advice you could give me!

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