Penny Postcard Photos from Humboldt and…

This wonderful site link comes to us from Tina Nerat.

You’ll find commercial buildings, residential neighborhoods and all kinds of fun photos.

Thanks so much Tina!

Penny Postcards


5 Responses to Penny Postcard Photos from Humboldt and…

  1. skippy says:

    Very nice site. We all have our favorites; I enjoyed our local cards and those early views of Hawaii. Rare glimpses into times past. Thank you, Lynette.

  2. Mike Worthen says:

    This was a good link (that I have enjoyed in the past) & here is one of my very favorites that i am sure that you will enjoy with 421 Humboldt based postcards! Please enjoy :


  3. skippy says:

    Isn’t it about time we get going along now? Y’know… giddyup? In case we lose track of the time… I have a calendar. A Mayan one. It only tracks the years. And it only goes up to 2012.

    Time flies. Where did it go? Where did I go? Let me check. Uh oh.

    …Even if I wanted to go, my blog schedule wouldn’t allow it at all! Let me see…

    November: Wallow in self pity.
    December: Stare into the abyss.
    January: Solve world hunger (tell no one).
    February: Jazzercise.
    March: Dinner with me, I can’t cancel that again!
    April: Wrestle with my self loathing.

    Sheesh! I’m booked!

    …Of course if I bump the loathing to May I can still be done in time to lay in bed, stare at the ceiling and slip slowly into madness. But what would I wear!


  4. Fred Mangels says:

    Ok. It’s been well over a month with no new posts on this blog. Time to…ummm…uhhh… oh, never mind.

  5. skippy says:

    I’m hoping Ms. History will return? She’s been busy, Fred. Until then, readers, let’s hope she returns. I’ll offer you and her more to follow with a a brief shout out for her efforts here along with the weekly Humboldt news roundup.

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