Seeking Russ Family Cousins

Hello everyone,

I know I’ve neglected this blog terribly and hope to get back to it soon.

In the interim, I am hoping today to use it as a way to connect a Joe Russ descendant to other Russ folks in Humboldt County.

Her name is Julia and she ran across my post about rumors regarding pioneer Joe Russ. She lives in Willits and I’d love to use this blog to connect her to her extended family up here.  Can anyone help?

If so, comment on this post or send me an email



Julia’s comment:

I have never heard about this “story” but I am Gus Russ’ grand daughter and yes…our grandma was Wailaki Indian.   We don’t know too much about our Grandpa Gus’ family the Russ Family but we thought that his dad drowned in the Trinity River.  Grandpa Gus’ mom passed away and he was raised in the Long Ridge area and finally ended up moving to the Round Valley Indian Reservation where he is an enrolled member.  I am and always have been very curious about my Russ Family and would love to meet family members.  I live in Willits and my dad, Joseph Russ, Sr. still lived in Covelo on the Round Valley Reservation.


4 Responses to Seeking Russ Family Cousins

    • Lynette M says:

      Trying–life transitions have momentarily distracted me but hopefully I can be more consistent here in the future. I’ve missed it, very much.

  1. skippy says:

    She’s B-a-a-a-c-k!

    …welcome back and good to see you’re back in the saddle again.

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