Obsessing Over Ferndale’s Dead

Ferndale, c. 1885 (County of Humboldt Collection)

I am not obsessing over Ferndale’s dead (really, I swear) but whoever (whomever?) took these photos had a very cool idea.

The first I have is from 1876 ,

the second from around 1880 ,

And now this one. And I may have more…

Though obsessing over the dead wouldn’t be new for Ferndale. I was a kid when they filmed Salem’s Lot there and recently a friend moved into one of the houses used in the movie.  Hope no floating boy scratches at his window…. 

Ok, and yes, it was a terrible movie, but I had a crush on the boy (not the undead one–the clever brave one that helped hunt and kill the vampires).  I also watched them film a couple of scenes, which was a first for me.

2 Responses to Obsessing Over Ferndale’s Dead

  1. Ellin Beltz says:

    They were shooting a timeline !!

    Whoever the photographer was climbs to the same point in cemetery, lines up the steeple of the church with the second window from the right on the Ivanhoe Hotel and clicks the shutter.

    Since both the Church and the Hotel are still in the same spots and the fenestration on the Hotel is original, I am very tempted to go to the cemetery and shoot from same angle!!

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