Seeking photos-Mrs. Morales Tamales or Mrs. Greens Candy Stand

I received a request on the blog–and thought the best way to get results was to put it out to you guys.

Tina is looking for photos of Mrs. Morales Tamales on 3rd Street or Mrs. Greens Candy Stand at the Waterfront, both in Eureka, I think.  I had no luck looking through my collection of photos but figured maybe someone out there has something.

She is also hoping to come across Mrs. Morales chili recipe.

Per Tina…

My Dad, Bud Peterson Jr. was born and raised in Samoa. His Dad Arthur Frances (Bud) Peterson my Grandpa worked at Hammond, G.P. and L.P and his Mom my Nana, Sally Peterson worked at the Cookhouse. Where they met as well as the switchboard in Samoa. He is 81 years old this year. He always tells stories of riding the boat to and from school in Eureka with his Nana Vallerga. They would often get Chilli Cups from Mrs. Morales Tamales on 3rd street and candy from Mrs. Greens candy stand at the waterfront. I was wondering if anyone had pictures or stories of either place. I was bidding on a postcard of 3rd street with Morales Tamales in the background but  was outbid and have been unable to locate another. I want to surprise him for his birthday and would love for him to read other peoples memories or see their photos. He would be so excited to relive some of the finest moments of his life. (I make him Chilli Cups ever so often from a recipe my Nana had but he says a little something is missing.)  I’d love to get Mrs. Morales’s recipe if anyone would be kind enough to share. Thank you so much.

Tina Peterson Reeves

 So folks, can we help Tina find any photos or track down that recipe….  ?


6 Responses to Seeking photos-Mrs. Morales Tamales or Mrs. Greens Candy Stand

  1. Tina Peteron Reeves says:

    Thank you so much for putting the word out for me. I love your blog.
    It was so sweet of you to post my request.
    Best Wishes


  2. Warren sweet says:

    Tina Peterson Reeves

    I too fondly remember the tamales and chile cups in Eureka. I have also searched for chili cup recipes. Mrs. Morales would be great if you have found it, but I also would like yours.

    Thank you,

    Warren Sweet

  3. Having grown up in the Henderson Center neighborhood, my family remembers Chili Cups and Tamales from the Tamale House on Grotto St. After they closed in 1961, my mother worked on a recipe for chili cups and of course finally claimed they were just as good. I’ve got a recipe and photos and a little history of the Morales Chili Cups to share:

    • Lynette M says:

      This is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing. Hopefully you’ve searched my blog and found the other Minor info. Not a lot but if you haven’t seen it before you may find it interesting.


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