Eureka Inn, 1932

Eureka Inn, 1932 (County of Humboldt Collection)

Sometimes (believe it or not) I have some sort of plan when I post, some point to make. Other times I’m just looking through my old photos and think “Holy Cow ! This is cool.”  This was one of those times.

 I actually bought an old desk and some file cabinets from the…. what, salvage sale (?), someone had at the Inn some years ago right after it closed.  The desk is lovely and the file cabinets solid, but it still made me sad to buy them.  And happy when someone bought the Inn a few years later.  It is a wonderful part of our community.

I did just find a posting about the Eureka Inn on Wikipedia, where you’ll find  more info.  How cool is that …? !


3 Responses to Eureka Inn, 1932

  1. Susan Costa says:

    I used to live right down the street from Eureka Inn, (the Bridges building) what a beautiful hotel this is. I currently live in Sacramento and am wondering if the hotel is private or is it open to the public?? I came across your site by accident as I am sure many have. Also I am wondering if the Carson Mansion is open to the public for tours, does anyone know? I found an older book that has some photos of the inside of the mansion. Thanks, Susan Costa, Sacramento, California. Also I was wondering do you happen to have any photos of the 1964 flood, my Grandmother (Florence Porter drowned in that flood). I am also curious as to how long Pepperwood was in exsistense. I love anything regarding history, especially of Humboldt County. Thanks.

    • Kathy rocha says:

      Eureka inn is privately-owned and they are redoing the inside as we speak. As for the outside it still looks the same. Except there’s no water foundation. And the back entrance has has changed.

  2. jack of hearts says:

    Aww Sacramento..I spent many a summer there. My name is Tom Wattle. My family moved to Humboldt in 64′ The Inn is currently owned by a private party and looks much like the 1932 post card..on the outside. As for the mansion, tours can be arranged through a member of the Ingomar club. Now as to your question on Pepperwood that I hope to have someone of greater knowledge answer.

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