Bucksport, c. 1858

Bucksport, c. 1858 (County of Humboldt Collection)

So many things make this cool that it is really a wonder I haven’t posted this picture before.

I love Table Bluff in the background. And the pennisula to the right. The rider on the horse and someone walking on the road. This photo does make me wonder, though, where the Indian Village was located.

Two years after this painting was done, it was believed that all who lived in that village were killed…  I may enjoy the tangents, but the original driver for this blog, the murder that began an obsession.  is never far from my thoughts.

7 Responses to Bucksport, c. 1858

  1. Nan Abrams says:

    How did Bret Harte get attached to this? I saw his name and opened it thinking I would get a photo of that handsome face–and it was Bucksport. Not that I am complaining–wonderful image.

    • Lynette M says:

      Hi there,
      Not quite sure how you got to the post. The original post was Bucksport–but then I linked to an old post about Harte–he published the news that the Indian Village in Bucksport was burned at the time of the Indian Island massacre–that’s the tie….

  2. Nan Abrams says:

    Oh . . . his name was right next to Bucksport on the links, but nothing about him–just the print again.

  3. Nan Abrams says:

    Is this photo public domain?

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