Where is Hausel Ranch, Fort Grand ?

Fort Grand, Hausel Ranch (County of Humboldt Collection)

Couldn’t find Fort Grand and Ancestry.com came up with “zero good matches”  for Hausels in Humboldt County.

Anyone out there know anything about the Hausels or Fort Grand? And I realize I may be making the erroneous assumption that a photo in the Humboldt County Collection is actuallly from Humboldt…  Either way I liked the photo and hope you guys do too…


6 Responses to Where is Hausel Ranch, Fort Grand ?

  1. Nan Abrams says:

    beats me!

  2. Sara says:

    Only what I’m finding is Hausel and possibly a variation to Housel primarily in Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

  3. […] one could identify Fort Grand or the Hausels. Maybe (though I’m not claiming we know for sure) that is because this is CAMP GRANT and the […]

    • Carolyn M. Johnson says:

      Hi Lynette,
      Just found your blog and am loving it! Many yrs ago, there was a NorCal-L Mailing list on Rootsweb (back when Rootsweb was free before it got bought out by A.com) Do you remember those days?
      – Wondering about the “Camp Grant/Hausell Ranch” photo? Do you have any idea what year it was taken?
      – It looks far too late to have any connection, but my (Wilson F.) HALSEL family were definitely in Humboldt Co in the late 1850s and most of the 1860s. If you can think of a variant spelling for HALSEL, it’s been used one place or another.
      – They seem to have moved every couple years, but at one time they owned the property at Fleener Creek (sold it to the Fleeners in 1863) and also some property near Fern Cottage (sold that off to Jas. E. Hawkins and Geo. Williams in 1866/1867). Pretty sure there were other places as well, since the 1864 Draft List shows him living in “Island Twp.”?
      – Holding my breath as I write that last sentence, since I don’t know where “Island” might have been and sure don’t want it to turn out to have been “Indian Island”.
      – Looks like the damn fools moved down to SoCal about 1868. Sure wish they’d stayed up there!
      Best regards and would love to know more about the photo!
      Carolyn Carter Johnson

      • Lynette M says:

        Hi there, replying from my phone so will keep it short but no, the island was NOT Indian island. That was an island in the eel river. Can’t wait to get home (tomorrow) and search for more info for you. Soon…. L

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