This is 219 5th Street, Eureka (4/26/19)

Eureka, c. 1919 (County of Humboldt Collection. Source: Jim Hill)

The title for the post came from the business sign, top right (which I loved).

The advent of the automobile was clearly a economic boon to Eureka (keep clicking to enlarge the photo, then check out the businesses and you’ll see what I mean).


3 Responses to This is 219 5th Street, Eureka (4/26/19)

  1. Ellin Beltz says:

    ‘Tis an I.O.O.F. parade from the dim white letters on the bottom, April 26, 1919. Great photo!

  2. 219 Fifth Street was, and still is, the Lloyd Building, which I believe is 100 years old this year. The sign you see in this photo is still visible as a “ghost sign” up on the top left corner of the east side of the building. I’ve always wanted to know what that sign originally said, and now I do, thanks to you!

    In this photo, we actually appear to be standing on the northeast corner of Fifth and E looking west, just across E St. from where Woolworth’s used to be (Security National’s offices today). Just to the left of the pole at right, you can see the windows of the building that today houses Amiga’s Burritos, still in essentially the same series of frames. Across Fifth is of course where Starbucks is now located.

    Cool photo! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

    • Lynette M says:

      I actually wrote this down as a reminder when I read your comment, fully intending to go and see for myself –and that reminder just got buried.

      We’ll see if I can remember later when I’m in Eureka proper.

      I have so much fun looking at our local buildings, seeking architectural scars and ghosts. This was great info and I thank you very much !

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