Ruins right here in Humboldt

Years ago I went to Chichen Itza. Walking along a jungle trail I glanced at a small hill and took more than a moment to realize I was looking at a very old pyramid, almost completely hidden by lush vegetation. I’ve since seen photos of similar places, ancient ruins slowly disappearing as nature reclaims her space after man has let it go.

Our own tropical rain forest does the same.  Once upon a time this was our highway…




5 Responses to Ruins right here in Humboldt

  1. Nan Abrams says:

    where were these taken?

  2. Lynette M says:

    South on Hwy 101. Pretty sure it is the first Ave. of the Giants exit and then you take a left after you drive under the overpass rather than following the avenue. It is a street with an actually street sign (tho of course I can’t remember the name).
    When driving north on Hwy 101 I’m pretty sure you can actually see that bridge from the existing highway. It is right before North Hwy 101 hugs the river just south of Stafford.

  3. Kym Kemp says:

    There is another place at the Salmon Creek exit.

    • Lynette M says:

      If you ever get a photo and want to forward, please do.
      It is pretty cool to see and also fun to imagine how many things have likely disappeared-buildings, roads, civilizations 🙂

  4. setnaffa says:

    Elinor Rd?

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