Great Photo of Falk, 1912

Written on image  "photo by S.U. Bunnell 1912 #67 Falk p.77"

Written on image “photo by S.U. Bunnell 1912 #67 Falk p.77”

I’ve seen many photos of Falk (and posted some) but this is one of the best I’ve seen.

For those unfamiliar with our area, Falk was deep in the Elk River Valley, just south east of Eureka-a lumber town established in the 1800s and razed after it was abandoned years later. You can see remnants of the town and read about the history by visiting the Headwater’s Reserve which cuts through the old town site. It has a nice mile of paved trail (easy to do even after a recent rain) and miles more of a dirt and gravel path.

2 Responses to Great Photo of Falk, 1912

  1. good stuff says:

    This is a fantastic picture. I love walking thruogh that area, but it’s heartbreaking seeing all the old growth stumps along the way. A constant reminder of what used to be, and a sad yet perfect example of how dire our environmental circumstances are. Not even 100 years ago, the river through there had such volume and current it assisted in mining operations. In the blink of an eye it’s become a trickling creek most of the year. Always nice to catch up on your site.

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