Herrick Avenue Exit, South Eureka, c.1950


If you keep clicking to enlarge the photo, I believe you’ll see the back of this Elk River building, which was painted by my friend Frank Speck.


The sign pointing the way to Falk is also pretty cool and reminds me of the Hwy 101/299 interchange in 1933

5 Responses to Herrick Avenue Exit, South Eureka, c.1950

  1. Nan Abrams says:

    the photo of the 101/299 interchange–the road Jacoby built?

    • Lynette M says:

      I’m not sure. Actually, somewhere I do have info on when the first road was built out there but don’t know much about the highway history. If you do, please send my way or post in comments.

  2. Nan Abrams says:

    Well, I dont know how one would define the “first” road, but in my article on Jacoby in the Humboldt Historian, I note his efforts to get the road built between “Weaver and the coast”. This was the 1860s–I think he left in ’64 or ’65. Whatever was there before that was a very difficult route for the packers. I bet the first sign put up to show the way would have been when this road was built. I think that article was not last spring but the spring before–but then I could be way off on when; maybe it was the fall . . .

    • Lynette M says:

      I think I found mention of that original road in the Court of Sessions records from the 1860s. Building roads was a VERY big deal…. If you find the article and want me to reprint any of it hear, just email it to me…

  3. Wilford Ward says:

    Yes I once read that this building is in some of the earliest settled areas where trails converged and settlers could hire a guide to scout through what is now Eureka and developed up into the 1920

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