Sea Cliff Camp-Trinidad c. 1930

March 31, 2013

Old Hwy 101, c.1930

Unadulterated Lard is First Class

March 28, 2013


From Hans Koster and

Eel River Advance of May 30, 1896

Eureka Waterfront Neighborhood, c 1870

March 28, 2013


I kind of get the feeling I’ve posted this one before but I love it.

Maybe it is the market basket on the porch. The clotheslines or eerily empty street. The lovely architectural detail or pretty little fence in front of the house on the left (the house on the right seems to have copied the same style).  Dunno, but I like it.  Hope others do too.

Click on the photo to enlarge and see more detail.

4th & F Streets, Eureka, c. 1945

March 27, 2013


The “Monkey Wards” (what my dad called it when I was growing up) on the right is certainly not the flat-roofed monstrosity I remember from when I was a kid (was located where Target is now for those who are newer to the area).

Nice to see that the Eureka Theater hasn’t really changed. Folks have actually been working for a while now to restore the theater and the volunteer effort is coming along quite nicely. Learn more about the restoration effort and how you can help HERE.

Say Nothing and Saw Wood

March 24, 2013

There were so many great quotes in here I had a hard time picking a title for this post. Enjoy this fantastic read…


Another fantastic Hans Koster of find.

Eel River Advance of May 30, 1896

The Old Mining Town of Trinidad

March 23, 2013



Two-Story Dwelling for $1,830

March 21, 2013


Thanks to Hans Koster of for this one.

Classified ad was in the Eel River Advance,  May 30, 1896

There Are Many Good Women (& Buying Local is Not a New Idea)

March 20, 2013


Thanks Hans !

Eel River Advance of May 30, 1896

Not all change is bad-The Old Daly’s Store

March 18, 2013

This just wasn’t pretty.


But this is.


So I was feeling all clever and original in creating this post until I picked up the latest local book by Arcadia Publishing–this one is a “Then & Now” (mostly) photo book of Eureka written by local photographer (and now author) Scott H. Brown.  Scott shows almost exactly what I posted above on page 54-but since his book is already published. he clearly came up with it first–and his photos include interesting info like the Daly brothers came from Ireland to Eureka in 1892, established the Daly’s Dept. Store and that when the chain of five Daly’s stores closed in 1995, it was Northern California’s oldest independently owned department store chain.

Scott’s book is cool. Seriously. It is full of historic images (anywhere from 50 to 150 years old) contrasted with present-day photos. He also has great info in the captions. Scott works at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates and you can find him, signed copies of his book,  and a great mocha or cup of tea there.

Fortuna Bicycle Works and a Boat Builder

March 6, 2013

I can’t decide if it is scary or kind of cool that I am writing about local history that I remember.

In 1976 my parents decided to get out of the smog and traffic of Los Angeles and moved to Humboldt County. They took over Fortuna Bicycle Works, which was in the little mini-mall on the corner of Main Street and Stillman Way in Fortuna. The building is still there (and apparently hasn’t been painted in a very long time) but this sign on the side of this building is all that’s left of the business (I can’t remember if the boat builder was there when we had the bike shop but I think he might have been).   There was also a scratch bakery in the same mall but I can’t remember the name.