Fortuna Bicycle Works and a Boat Builder

I can’t decide if it is scary or kind of cool that I am writing about local history that I remember.

In 1976 my parents decided to get out of the smog and traffic of Los Angeles and moved to Humboldt County. They took over Fortuna Bicycle Works, which was in the little mini-mall on the corner of Main Street and Stillman Way in Fortuna. The building is still there (and apparently hasn’t been painted in a very long time) but this sign on the side of this building is all that’s left of the business (I can’t remember if the boat builder was there when we had the bike shop but I think he might have been).   There was also a scratch bakery in the same mall but I can’t remember the name.



5 Responses to Fortuna Bicycle Works and a Boat Builder

  1. Ellin says:

    Cool story, I always wondered why those two signs were on that wall!

  2. Nan Abrams says:

    hope they dont paint over it.

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