4th & F Streets, Eureka, c. 1945


The “Monkey Wards” (what my dad called it when I was growing up) on the right is certainly not the flat-roofed monstrosity I remember from when I was a kid (was located where Target is now for those who are newer to the area).

Nice to see that the Eureka Theater hasn’t really changed. Folks have actually been working for a while now to restore the theater and the volunteer effort is coming along quite nicely. Learn more about the restoration effort and how you can help HERE.


11 Responses to 4th & F Streets, Eureka, c. 1945

  1. Ellin says:

    Love the old cars!! Thank you for all the updates to your blog lately, they are very interesting. So glad you’re back in the blog-o-sphere!

  2. vanduzengirl says:

    I remember this view very clearly, what a very neat photo. I loved Kress and “Monkey” wards. (my dad called it that too)

    • Lynette M says:

      Thanks for telling me about “monkey” wards. No one else said anything and I was wondering if maybe it was just a quirky family thing. I wanted to take a photo of the same view today but my phone wasn’t cooperating. Maybe soon.

  3. carto says:

    I recall the Kress 5 and 10 when I was a youngster in Billings MT. Thanks for digging up the plc and posting.

  4. vanduzengirl says:

    I clearly remember this scene, been in both stores many times as a kid. and Yes, we called it “Monkey Wards”

  5. Kathryn Smith Youngberg says:

    I remember shopping at Kress’s. I am glad the theatre is being restored instead of razing it and putting in a megaplex movie theatre.

    • Lynette M says:

      I agree completely. I spent the early part of the week visiting other “gold rush” towns and Eureka has some great old architecture–1800s and beyond. I did hear part of the reason was that our depressed economy made razing old buildings and constructing new too difficult. Hard to be happy about being poor, but really glad so many old buildings still exist.

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