Eureka Waterfront Neighborhood, c 1870


I kind of get the feeling I’ve posted this one before but I love it.

Maybe it is the market basket on the porch. The clotheslines or eerily empty street. The lovely architectural detail or pretty little fence in front of the house on the left (the house on the right seems to have copied the same style).  Dunno, but I like it.  Hope others do too.

Click on the photo to enlarge and see more detail.


3 Responses to Eureka Waterfront Neighborhood, c 1870

  1. Kathryn Smith Youngberg says:

    I love the ornate décor on the white house on the left.

    • Lynette M says:

      Isn’t it great? Crude fishing/ lumber town but still trying to make it “pretty”. Glad you appreciated 🙂

  2. Ross Rowley says:

    Did you notice the redwood plank sidewalks? My mother said you would become covered with fleas when you walked down them.

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