Keep Machine Clean and Oiled…


Couple of folks thought the Del Norte product from yesterday’s post was typewriter ink. Could be.  The typewriter above was in the same collection in French Gulch.

As was this…


It would be fun to learn whether or not typewriter ink was produced in Del Norte (looks like “Crescent City” on the box as well). If anyone learns anything, please let us know.


2 Responses to Keep Machine Clean and Oiled…

  1. nan abrams says:

    saw the same (if I recall correctly) typewriter as shown in the top photo at the Epitaph in Tombstone. I thought it such a curious thing.

    • Lynette M says:

      My grandparents lived in tombstone for a time (perhaps I’ve mentioned this already?).
      I’d love to go back…
      Crazy looking machine, isn’t it? We’ve come a ways…

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