Whaling In Humboldt

Someone asked me not long ago if there was ever a whaling industry in Humboldt…


Trinidad Whaling Dock, c.1920 [County of Humboldt]


Trinidad, August 1923 [Woods; County of Humboldt]


Trinidad [Glen Berry Collection; County of Humboldt]


Trinidad Whaling Station [Cole; County of Humboldt]

There are plenty of additional photos on the HSU Special Collections site [just search “whal”] but I found them quite awful and couldn’t save and post them. I know this was an “industry” but these were living beings and I found the photos just… tragic.


5 Responses to Whaling In Humboldt

  1. aklucia says:

    When the station was processing nobody left their butter in their outdoor coolers as it took on the taste of the whale’s blubber.

  2. Katy Tahja says:

    In my book “Logging Railroads of Humboldt & Mendocino Counties” I included whaling photos from Trinidad and Field’s Landing (in the 1940’s) because my editor back east asked if there was not something other than lumber leaving by train. Yes! Whale products.

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