Rio Dell/Scotia Bridge 1917

How a girl from Rio Dell could have waited so long to post this photo, I have no idea.


County of Humboldt Collection

If I’m understanding the caption right (and I think I recognize the typography). we are on Wildwood Avenue in Rio Dell looking south toward Scotia.  If you enlarge you’ll see two guys on the right-working on the bridge, maybe?


4 Responses to Rio Dell/Scotia Bridge 1917

  1. lnaymorgan says:

    I’m not sure that when I comment on your photos if it is being ” logged “. But how interesting they all have been!!! What cool history !!!

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  2. lnaymorgan says:

    I love all these pictures & bits of history!!!

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  3. Jim Garrison says:

    I also thought this was taken from Wildwood, however, now I think this is the bridge that goes from the Scotia flat over the Eel River to what is Stafford today. I just got a look at a couple of companion pics to this that show railroad tracks running under the bridge. This would put the photographer near today’s Shively Road, looking toward Stafford.

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