Samoa Cookhouse, c. 1906

Yes, this is just a great photo,  but are those dunes reflected in the window panes behind the subjects? I believe the Inside Sports Gym is located there now…?

The three on the left have such similar hair I’d guess this is a family (and I think the guy on the right has a proud-dad look).



Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection

On the back of the photo it says, “Return to E. McCormick Rio Dell” –I’m guessing this refers to Evelyn McCormick, a well known local historian.


2 Responses to Samoa Cookhouse, c. 1906

  1. lnaymorgan says:

    How cool !! I hope you have a lot of followers. ! You are amazing!!

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  2. Gary E. Christiansen says:

    The picture of the buildings is FORT HUMBOLDT not Somoa Cookhouse.

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