Doin’s at the Arcata Train Depot

September 25, 2014


Arcata.Depot.C1950s.HSU.2012.02.0314 (1)

Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection  [2012.02.0314]

With all the banners and folks around, I think it was more than just a train they were waiting for-but can’t quite figure out what it was. I think the banner on the building may say “something something railway club” and from the vehicles, I’d guess 1950s…

Guy with the receding hairline and bigger (camera?) bag around his shoulder may be a reporter…?  And I like how the teens separated from the adults and gathered in the foreground.


Eureka’s Old JC Penny and the Cherry Blossom Pastry Shop

September 24, 2014

Please click to enlarge and see the billboard trashcan and other great details. Traffic is kinda heavy (and 2 way) and downtown seems booming. It is also fun to recognize so many of the buildings–not much has changed in the last 60+ years.


Source: Humboldt State University Special Collections {Palmquist/Yale: 2012.02.0003]

Arcata Memorial Road Race, 1957

September 23, 2014




Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection [2012.02.1154]

I found this photo by accident but then wondered at the description–The First Annual LOU BRERO MEMORIAL ROAD RACE.

I did a little more digging and found this in the April 2011 Edition of the Formula Speed Magazine The Wheel.  I had never heard the story before…

Brero Memorial


Click to access TheWheelApril2011.pdf



Cattle on the Plaza

September 15, 2014


Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale [2003.01.1571]

HSU doesn’t have a date for this one, but it is pretty great and the two buildings on the right are still standing.


Unfortunately the old Arcata City Hall is not.

I believe the Historical Sites Society of Arcata was founded after this old beauty was razed.


Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale [2003.01.3576]

Arcata’s Finest…

September 12, 2014


Source: Humboldt State University, Special Collections, Palmquist/Yale Collection [2012.02.0315]

I believe that it the Arcata Hotel behind them, which makes sense as it looks like they are standing in front of the old Arcata City Hall (which was where the newish commercial building at 9th & G Streets is now).



Arcata’s Phillips House-1955 Flood

September 9, 2014

Source: Historical Sites Society of Arcata []

Dredge on Humboldt Bay

September 7, 2014

Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale

I remember having a dredge in the south end of Humboldt Bay– just west of CR and north of the Eucalyptus grove on Hwy 101 but after enlarging this photo, I don’t think this is it–notice the town/settlement on the left.

Please enlarge as there is a lot of great detail aside from the dredge (including the guy standing on it).


Fire at the Splendid Cafe

September 2, 2014


[HSU: Special Collections, Palmquist/Yale Collection].

Looking at the streetlamps, electrical wires and fire ladder, this doesn’t appear all that long ago.  Love “Splendid” Café and am sad it is no longer with us.

If you enlarge, you’ll notice the shirtless guy under the Bell public telephone sign and firefighters focused on their job…  Apparently once upon a time we also had the Golden Horn with “Beer on tap”  and the Royal Cafe.