Arcata’s Finest…


Source: Humboldt State University, Special Collections, Palmquist/Yale Collection [2012.02.0315]

I believe that it the Arcata Hotel behind them, which makes sense as it looks like they are standing in front of the old Arcata City Hall (which was where the newish commercial building at 9th & G Streets is now).




6 Responses to Arcata’s Finest…

  1. nan says:

    old white guys. aka good ol’ boys. iconic photo if you ask me.

  2. lnaymorgan says:

    Great photo! That guy looks like an old Time mobster!!!

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  3. Sara says:

    It looks like the Chief of Police and a Lieutenant, judging by the stars on their uniforms.
    Wonderful photo!

  4. setnaffa says:

    Nan, the two uniformed mem\n are Police Chief Al Larson and Lt Ray Krellwitz.

    Calling them “good ol’ boys” is very offensive, both sexist, and racist. These were good, honorable men with nice families. I met them both. They were not gangsters or corrupt.

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