Arcata Memorial Road Race, 1957




Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection [2012.02.1154]

I found this photo by accident but then wondered at the description–The First Annual LOU BRERO MEMORIAL ROAD RACE.

I did a little more digging and found this in the April 2011 Edition of the Formula Speed Magazine The Wheel.  I had never heard the story before…

Brero Memorial




7 Responses to Arcata Memorial Road Race, 1957

  1. Julie Fulkerson says:

    I went to school with Claudette. , his daughter, K through 12.

    many more stories. Son, Lou, hid his fathers race car in an Arcata culvert for years. Eventually sold for, I think, a million dollars. Lots of intrigue.

  2. Andrew H says:

    My brother knew Lou Jr in the 80’s. He even bought a Austin Healey from him. The story of his hidden Ferrari is wild. Lou Jr. ended up selling it for a small fortune and I believe he moved to the bay area or southern california

  3. Bob says:

    I went to school with Lou jr.mid 50’s – he and his dad had a shop over in north Arcata right across the street from a buddy of mine – the ferrari sat in a corner with a cover over it (heating problems) this car was driven by Phil Hill in the Mexican Road race , at that time they also had a D Jag & A Kurtis Cad that jr used to bring out to the drag strip at Somoa – if I recall correctly the Ferrari was put into a shipping container down on West End Road and left there for years – recently I read an article that said Jr was living near Berkeley ?? Lou jr drove like there was no tomorrow one night he fired the “D” jag up and headed for Eureka from Arcata at a high rate – along about Bra -cut the CHP got after him in their Dodge “D” 500 -he put the peddle to the metal and I under stand the report said speeds estimated in excess of 160 mph unable to clock . but nobody is faster than Motorola !!!!!!

  4. Steve Minniear says:

    James A. Orr was a friend of my mom and dad. They both raced in local events around the SF Bay Area. They said “Mr. Orr” could drive his VW van from Kentfield to Stinson Beach (very curvy beach and cliff road) as fast as he could drive his Jag XKE.

  5. john mood says:

    Steve, could you contact me about Jim Orr as I’m doing research on one of his cars.

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