Eureka’s Old JC Penny and the Cherry Blossom Pastry Shop

Please click to enlarge and see the billboard trashcan and other great details. Traffic is kinda heavy (and 2 way) and downtown seems booming. It is also fun to recognize so many of the buildings–not much has changed in the last 60+ years.


Source: Humboldt State University Special Collections {Palmquist/Yale: 2012.02.0003]


8 Responses to Eureka’s Old JC Penny and the Cherry Blossom Pastry Shop

  1. nan says:

    Even though it was not where I grew up it looks so much like any downtown and it made me think of my father’s furniture store and my grandparent’s shoe store when I was a child. It felt rather poignant. Do we still have all those street lights? I think not. I am going to have to check when I get off work.

    • Lynette M says:

      Please let us know what you see.
      If I had more time I’d try to take current photos to go with the old ones. So much fun to compare !

  2. Rebecca Evans says:

    My Dad took all of us kids right there at J.C.Penny in 1969 after my Mom had my baby sister.He dragged us all up to Eureka and bought a new bassinett and a new dress for my Mom.while they were in the hospitalAwesome photo,thanks!

    • Lynette M says:

      So glad you liked it.
      I remember that store- the basement seemed rather spooky to me as a girl (and still is if you go there now).

  3. Julie fullerson says:

    Love the human-scale features, small independently-owned businesses, street lights and two-way traffic that keep streets calm and safe.

  4. Kirk says:

    any relation to the current Cherry Blossom Bakery in Henderson Center?

    • Lynette M says:

      I believe so. I posted this on the Remember Eureka When Facebook page and someone said that the bakery moved from this location to Henderson Center. Not sure of the date…

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