Doin’s at the Arcata Train Depot


Arcata.Depot.C1950s.HSU.2012.02.0314 (1)

Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection  [2012.02.0314]

With all the banners and folks around, I think it was more than just a train they were waiting for-but can’t quite figure out what it was. I think the banner on the building may say “something something railway club” and from the vehicles, I’d guess 1950s…

Guy with the receding hairline and bigger (camera?) bag around his shoulder may be a reporter…?  And I like how the teens separated from the adults and gathered in the foreground.



6 Responses to Doin’s at the Arcata Train Depot

  1. Bob G says:

    I think this is the centennial of the A&MRR in 1954. A special excursion rail-fan train ran to Blue Lake, then to Korbel, where the passengers took a woods train 9 miles up the K&K line.The K&K rails were ripped out in 1956 to be replaced with the existing K&K truck road. (K&K is Klamath to Korbel). There was another rail-fan train about the same time that followed the Hammond line. These were big events for train buffs. I have snapshots somewhere…

    • Lynette M says:

      Please feel free to share if you have more photos. Funny that we’re still doing that with the train today-I have yet to catch a ride at Samoa but I’d like to…

  2. I think it says COAST before RAILWAY CLUB.

    • Lynette M says:

      I think you’re right, Denise. It is so funny not to see something until someone says it-then it is right there :).

  3. Sara says:

    Some sort of celebration? It appears the band is there if I see correctly a tuba and a drum on the far left.

  4. Roy Chapman Richey says:

    I believe the sign says “Central Coast Railway Club” who chartered the 1954 Arcata & Mad River Centennial Excursion from Marin County to Korbel over the NWP.

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