Buon Gusto Restaurant, Eureka



This photo is from HSU’s collection-click on the photo then click on the photo on HSU’s page again to see a larger version…





Year ago the Eagle House was used as a sort 0f mini-mall, with boutique stores off the upper balcony.  On a ghost tour I was told the building to the left was originally on the corner and they moved it to construct the bigger building.


6 Responses to Buon Gusto Restaurant, Eureka

  1. lnaymorgan says:

    Your dad and I used to have “special occasion ” dinners there!! They had a Cajun Prime Rib that I loved!! Interesting to see your info!!!

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  2. Nici Filteau says:

    These type postings answer some of the questions that go thru one’s mind when walking through the old sections of our towns – the reference to the old “Fairwind” reminded me that I have wondered about that sign too. These past times can speak to us if evidence of their existence is not destroyed or covered up. I appreciate this blog! Thank you, Lynette.

  3. Wilford ward says:

    I remember Gino Banducci telling me his mother or grandmother making ravolis and of his family having interests or title to The eagle House bon guesto restaurant

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