Eureka’s 5th & F Streets,1914

I love the diagonal parking

And there is another of those streetcar lines….


Source: County of Humboldt Collection (postcard)


Thanks, Google

3 Responses to Eureka’s 5th & F Streets,1914

  1. Larry Blodgett says:

    Hello Lynette.
    I’m so glad you’ve started up with your blog again.
    My family was in Eureka in the late 1800’s until about 1920 and owned/operated Weaver Laundry. Fred Weaver (my Great-Great Grandfather) lived above the laundry and he also built and owned the building across the street at the corner of F and 1st Streets a bar and “alleged Brothel” upstairs. If you happen to come across any information I’d be very interested. I do have some photos I’m happy to share, one of which is of their laundry building which was in my grandparents stuff as well as the family members who inhabited the building which I got from some cousins from Maine which I met on
    Again, thank you for your posts.
    Larry S. Blodgett, Architect/Owner
    Blodgett’s Abbey Carpet & Flooring
    “Quality & Service Since 1946”
    (925)284-4807 / (925)935-3836

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