Eureka 1st & F Streets, 1884

August 31, 2020

County of Humboldt Collection


Please click to enlarge to see more wonderful detail…

I have posted about the Fairwind before, but it is on 2nd Street, so am not sure if the original was moved, this photo is mis-marked or… ?


“New” 101 Bridge North of Eureka (repost)

August 29, 2020

This photo was taken in 1956. I’m thinking maybe we just had the structure on the left w/ 2 way traffic and they built the new one to divide the highway…? There’s got to be folks around who remember…

Bridge Construction, North of Eureka, CA

County of Humboldt Collection, Hwy 101, North of Eureka


Blue Lake Brick Yard

August 28, 2020


Source: HSU Special Collection

I’ve posted this before, but it has been awhile…

Photo info:


HSU Special Collection 


I couldn’t find anything online about Blue Lake’s brickyard, but I did find this great site about the town’s history . It has some wonderful old photos…

Crimes from the Past

August 26, 2020

Source: North Coast Journal/Humboldt Historical Society

Just by (another) happy accident, I found this story in the North Coast Journal on the heels of my county jail post. 

Published in 2018 (and missed by me), the story talks about a set of recently discovered ledgers detailing Humboldt County jail bookings dating back to the 1880s. Kim Wear did a great job of prompting more questions than providing answers- and offered many opportunities for more research when winter rains hit and we’re looking for something to do…


Source: NCJ/Humboldt Historical Society

This young lady is Jenice Nelson. I can’t find her in the census but ‘come winter I’ll try again…



The Old and Fancy New County Jail (1937 & 1938)

August 22, 2020



County of Humboldt Collection, 1937


Looks like the county ditched the old building (above) for the lovely one below. I am not sure where the old one was or what happened to it.

Though… both of these photos were in the county collection but for some reason the one below doesn’t really look to me like Humboldt. Anyone…?



County of Humboldt Collection

Eureka Fish Market and More (c 1870)

August 20, 2020

County of Humboldt Collection

I’ve posted this absolutely fantastic  photo before but it has been a long time.

Please click to enlarge to see more detail,  including the chickens in the road..


Thought I saw a Bistrins Bag (repost)

August 18, 2020

2020 note: When we recently gave so much love to Daly’s, many folks mentioned Bistrins. Here you go… 

Original post: 

Driving through downtown Eureka the other day I thought I spotted an old blue and gold plastic Bistrins bag dancing in the wind.  It was really just one more piece of discarded trash but it made me nostalgic for some of the old stores that just aren’t around any more.

The following comes from the Times Standard archives:    Harry Bistrin — Longtime Humboldt County residents will immediately recognize the name “Bistrin.” Bistrin and his brother Herman owned and operated 23 retail clothing stores known as “Meyer Bistrins,” carrying on a family business that his parents, Lily and Aaron Bistrin, started in Eureka just six months after his birth in 1927. After retirement, Bistrin served as a top aide to state Sen. Barry Keene and district representative for state legislators Virginia Strom-Martin, Patty Berg and others. He died May 19 at the age of 83.

I’ll attach more Bistrin info at the end of the post, but here is Fortuna’s Meyer Bistrins on the left (photo credit to Hans Koster of  He actually dug this one up for me by request. Thanks Hans !) Oh, and I just noticed Bon Boniere FOUNTAIN on the right…


And to add to my list of serendipitous history happenings:

I finished a first draft of this post early last week and then stopped at a yard sale last Friday where I found this:


I am sure the woman manning the sale thought I was crazy to want it but I just couldn’t resist.

Times Standard Obituary for Harry Bistrin

Harry Bistrin died in his sleep early Thursday, May 19, 2011, at age 83 in Eureka, where he grew up and lived until moving to the Ukiah Valley more than 20 years ago.

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What baseball is really all about (repost)

August 15, 2020

Another of my favorites…

And this one…

The notes I have say “Arcata”.  I’m not sure of the year.

Paddlewheel Boat on Humboldt Bay

August 13, 2020

Source: HSU Special Collection

I am afraid I have no date or other info on this photo, but it is one cool boat…

Please click to enlarge to see more detail…

I think that might be the Carson Mill in the distance on the right…


Wagon Crossing the Van Duzen (repost)

August 11, 2020

I drove south on Hwy 101 not long ago and remembered this wonderful photo…





Note the wagon and team crossing the bridge. The Redwood Highway is now called Highway 101 and crosses in almost this exact spot today, except it’s now four lanes and vehicles are travelling at 65 MPH. This was locally known as the Alton Bridge.

This county bridge, built in 1901 by the San Francisco Bridge Company, consisted of two steel Camelback truss spans with wooden trestle approaches, and carried a narrow, 16-foot roadway. By the early 1920s, the steel spans were badly corroded from the salt-laden coastal air, and the wooden deck and approach spans were rotted. It was replaced in 1924.