1st & D Streets, Eureka …

December 30, 2020
Source: HSU Special Collections

Yesterday I posted a great old Eureka street scene and the nice folks on Facebook correctly identified the location as 1st & D Streets. Someone also pointed out the Revere Hotel in the background of yesterday’s pic (which I had completely missed). Fortunately I was already researching the Revere for another project and had these great photos. These make it easier to picture the location of yesterdays photo, as the beautiful Janssen Building still stand in old town between D&E Streets.

As always, please click on the photos to enlarge for greater detail…

Given the vehicle – lower left, I am guessing the photo below is quite a bit later than the pic above- and maybe the building on the left was the original Revere House- and then it was expanded into the much more grand hotel…?

Source: HSU Special Collections

Eureka’s Old Town, May 1, 1888

December 29, 2020

This is a great old photo but so odd- do you notice there are no women or girls anywhere?

I can’t figure out the exact location in Eureka, though I’m pretty confident it is in old town…

Update Dec. 30, 2020. Blog readers and nice folks on Facebook correctly identified this as 1st Street, looking east from C/D Streets. December 30’s post of the Revere House/Hotel (further up on the right in this photo), helps to better visualize the location…

Source: HSU Special Collection

No bawdy language in Eureka…

December 24, 2020

In 1885, they also didn’t want you to interrupt schools or funerals, deliver an indecent book, dance between midnight and 9 a.m. or utter vile or indecent words. Kids under 18 also couldn’t hang out together after 8 p.m. and you weren’t allowed to throw dice for money…

Please click on the ordinance below to enlarge to read…

Single Meals at the Western Hotel for 25 Cents

December 21, 2020

This directory from 1885/1886 is a lot of fun to look through when you have some time…

8-county directory of Humboldt, Marin, Napa, Yolo, Lake, Solano, Mendocino, and Sonoma counties

Sanborn Map, 1889

And here’s a more “recent” photo of the Western Hotel. Interesting that as usual, there are only men on the street – though this time we do have some women posing from the windows. It was a pretty spectacular building. Given the mix of carriage and auto, this photo is like early 1900s, though it might be about the time they were selling bootleg booze…

The Western Hotel became the Monte Carlo Hotel in 1922 where you could get a first class chicken and ravioli dinner for a dollar…

Joseph Russ Building, Eureka – 1904

December 18, 2020
1904 Eureka Souvenir Book. Please click the photo to see more detail.

The Joseph Russ Building, located at 527 Third Street and built around 1883, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Per the National Register:  This building is a basically unaltered Victorian commercial building and an exceptional example of Eureka’s downtown architecture dating from the mid-1880’s. The building has a glazed first floor with recessed entrances flanking a 45 degree angle central bay window; above this bay is the visually predominant second floor bay with its five round arch window. A broad frieze runs below the cornice which has a “squeezed” pediment gable above the second floor bay. A similar squeezed pediment can be found above the banks of windows flanking the second floor bay.

Unusual when compared to other commercial structures in Eureka, the Joseph Russ Building is important as an -attempt to transfer the Queen Anne idiom to a commercial building. The storefront is interesting for its checkered capitals, “squeezed” pediment ornament over the doors, and sunburst motifs in the transoms. The asymmetrical second floor, reminiscent of similar residential treatments, is dominated by a wide slanted bay projection. This building was occupied by Belcher Land and Title Company, The Humboldt Men’s Club, and Eureka Ice and Cold Storage.

The building is still quite beautiful, retaining much of its original detail…

Occidental Pavilion

December 13, 2020
Humboldt State University Special Collection

I spotted the “Occidental Pavilion”, which I had never heard of before, on the 1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map- and was able to find the above photo on the Humboldt State University site. The pavilion was built in Eureka in 1896 on 2nd Street between A & B Streets and was used for everything from dances to memorials to wrestling matches. Gotta love those billboards….

Humboldt Times, September 11, 1896
Humboldt Times, April 26, 1907
Humboldt Times, June 6, 1900

Nothing but an empty lot there now. My guess would be a fire but have not found any information on what happened to the building…

Humboldt General Hospital, 17th & G Streets in Eureka (1900)

December 11, 2020
Source: Souvenir of Humboldt County 1904 (archive.org)

The other day a friend of mine casually mentioned that one of the Squire’s apartment buildings on G Street in Eureka used to be a hospital. I was surprised and frankly doubtful until I pulled up the 1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map and sure enough. [Sorry I ever doubted you Julie ! ]

Of course then I had to dig for more information and was lucky enough to find the following, thanks to Bob Liebershal, who profiled the building in an 2018 issue of the Heritage Herald, the Eureka Heritage Society Newsletter.

… It is yet undetermined when the hospital was built. The earliest documentation found for it at that location, there at 1625 G Street, dates from 1900 when its name was the Humboldt General Hospital, also known as Murray’s Hospital.

However, information from deeds, a mortgage and property tax assessments suggests that it could have been built there about 1890 when Dr. William H. Wallace owned the quarter block. The building does have the look of an 1890 style, with the elaborate cornice brackets and the two-over-two windows (originally with hood moldings above the widows, as seen in the early I 900s photo; also with a ventilation’ cupola topping the roof). And, there is a secondary source from 1930 that states who the builder was; that information is possibly correct, but unconfirmed. Research continues for conclusive sources and explanations.

So, for now, we have to begin the history of the 1625 G Street building in the Spring of 1900 when John G. Murray successfully petitioned the Eureka City Council for an extension of the G Street sewer to connect with “his new hospital at the corner of G and Seventeenth Streets,” also stated as “the Humboldt General Hospital on G street.” The 1900 census records for 1625 G Street, enumerated on June I lth, list the Murray family and two patients residing there. The first Sanborn map to include G Street south of l2 th, dated October 1900, shows the Humboldt General Hospital at 1625 G Street. And John G. Murray obtained the property, the SW quarter of Block F in the Glatt tract, by deed dated November 21,1900.

It is necessary to note that the Humboldt General Hospital was first located in a two-story house at the northwest corner of 17th & H Streets , 631 17th Street, from 1886 to 1899. And that Murray became involved with Drs. Wallace & Lewitt as their hospital manager beginning in 1886.

After Murray’s death in 1906, the hospital had a new name for a few years: the Marine View Hospital. By 1910, there was no longer a directory listing for a hospital at 1625 G Street. Eventually the building became a lodging house, and it is first listed in 1937 as the Lurline Apartments with eight units…

And today-ish (per google street view…). Some folks have been working hard to rescue the one on the corner- thank goodness….

Ione Building becomes Woolworths and then the Ritz

December 10, 2020
Original Ritz Building (source: HSU Special Collection)

Yet another accidental find….

I knew the Ritz Building (240 F Street, Eureka) was a significant building- and I found it listed as one of the Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Humboldt County but had no idea it had been through such drastic changes. It was built in 1885, altered 1913 (to accommodate a Woolworth store- who knew?!?!) and then completely redesigned in Streamline Moderne in 1947 to become what we see today,

Grand Opening of Woolworths (Source: theclio.com/entry/96794)
And today…

Attempted to Lead Her into a Life of Shame….

December 6, 2020

I looked across an empty Eureka waterfront parking lot to take a photo of an old building when it occurred to me that the parking lot might have a story too. I had no idea….

The 1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map shows the Scandia Hotel on First Street- between C & D, and there is good reason to believe it was more than just a hotel…

Per The Humboldt Times, 7 August 1915

HOTEL MEN ARE SUED BY WOMAN FOR $ 10000. Virginia Jeffrey Sues Proprietors of Scandia Hotel for Damages In Sum of $lO,OOO. ASSAULT AND BATTERY CHARGED. City Authorities Are Said To Be Investigating Alleged Attack on Woman

Alleging that she was the victim of a statutory assault at the hands of the proprietors of the Scandia Hotel at First street, Mrs Virginia Jeffrey has commenced suit for $10,000 in the superior court against Joe Costa and Emmanuel Enos. The complaint, charging assault and battery, was filed several days ago by Attorney John F. Dufur, who represents Mrs. Jeffrey. According to the woman’s story, as told to the local authorities, she was employed by the proprietors of the Scandia Hotel to care for the rooms upstairs. A few days after assuming her position she alleges Enos and Costa endeavored to lead her into a life of shame. When she refused to permit their advances the woman charges the men used violence. It is understood the matter his been laid before the city authorities and that an investigation is being made to determine whether the license under which the Scandia operated shall be revoked. Mrs. Jeffrey is the mother of seven small children. A year ago it is said her husband deserted her. The county has been contributing toward the aid of the children.

Note the men faced the possibility of losing their operators license, but there was nothing about being charged with assault….

It does look like Virginia was remarried by 1920 to Albert Pavey, a laborer in a lumber mill, and living at 1515 McFarlan Street in Eureka but unfortunately it looks like Albert was gone by 1930- even though they were still married. The 1930 census also shows that Virginia was first married at 13 years old- so maybe she’s always had a tough go of things….

1900 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map
And today…