4th and E Streets, Eureka, c.1902 [updated]

This location looks a bit rough for those kids, but then again, maybe a lot of Eureka was a little bit rough back then… Interesting that most of their hats seem to match in pairs. Siblings, maybe?

This photo is inscribed with “4th & F Streets” and 1885. I did try to find reference in online newspaper archives to some of the attractions posted on the billboard but had no luck. I was also unable to read any of the business names…. [Please note that we now have an update on the date and location below the photo. Milt Phegley recognized the location as 4th & E, which was the previous location of Eureka’s Chinatown and after the Chinese Expulsion, a fish market and other businesses…] .

Either way, it is a fantastic old photo. As always, please click to enlarge. I’m guessing that lumber on the left was for extending the wooden sidewalk…

Source: HSU Special Collection

Update: Fortunately we have local historian, Milt Phegley, who after my original post, shared the following on Facebook:

I believe that the photo is misidentified in two respects. First, an enlargement of the posters on the side of the building shows coming entertainment “American Girl”, “Secret Service” and “Man of Mystery” being presented at the Ingomar. The Ingomar Theater in the Carson Block was not constructed until 1892 so the dating of the photo is incorrect. Those plays were performed in June 1902 at the Ingomar (confirmed by Humboldt Times newspaper articles). Second error is the location stated at Fourth and “F”. I believe that it should be Fourth and “E”. Below [per LM: on the Remember Eureka Facebook Post] is a picture previously posted of that location in what is said to be 1870 but is also incorrect as to date. [per LM: I have linked the referenced photo HERE].

The Eureka Fish Market was not established here until shortly after the Chinese expulsion in 1885 [per LM: CLICK HERE for a photo of the same area, which was part of Eureka’s Chinatown prior to the expulsion]. Also, the photo shows the expansion of the Ricks’ Stables to the east which did not occur until post-1892. Notice also the shape and lettering on the fish market sign which was subsequently relocated onto the building. And notice the juxtaposition of the two buildings at the corner.

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    Love these photos!

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