Soiled Doves Replenish EPD Treasury

On Friday, April 3, 1903, the Ferndale Enterprise ran the following:

“Eureka is short of funds, and as a result, another raid is to be made on the “soiled doves” of that city, who will be arrested and fined $25 or $30 apiece to replenish the treasury…. About eight months ago the girls were rounded up and forced to pay tribute.”

The Eureka Police Department had been collected fines from operators (madams) of brothels in the Red Light District since at least 1900, though they often disguised the fines by charging the women with distributing “intoxicating liquor without a license.”

1900 EPD Arrest Record

By 1908, the city had raised the “semi-annual” fines to $50 (using an online inflation calculator, this was about $1,440 in today’s dollars). And the ladies paid….

Block image
Block image
The Humboldt Times, 15 July 1908

Folks can learn more about Eureka’s early “Resorts” by attending my OLLI class, The Abduction of Ida Ballard and Other Stories of the Red Light District, presented through Humboldt State University next Thursday, May 20. HERE is a link to the class information/registration page.

EPD Arrest Log, July 1910

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