Methodist Church Becomes a Saloon…

Source: HSU Special Collection

This building used to stand at the north east corner of 1st and E Streets in Eureka. According to W. Steenfott (quoted on the HSU Special Collections Site) , it was the former Methodist Episcopal Church, which was built in 1859 on 3rd Street. Steenfott said it was moved to 1st & E by P. Ryan (likely Pierce) in the 1860’s ( I can only imagine that process…). Ryan then used it as a theater before it became home to McNally’s and other saloons. It was apparently demolished in 1966. The Eureka Heritage Society offers a great story about the Ryan Family HERE.

According to Steenfott, in the 1850s, the building on right was Ryan’s home before he converted it to a store. It then became the Eureka Brewery before it was removed to build a rooming house addition for the Fox’s Den.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

And of course, now it is just another darn parking lot….


4 Responses to Methodist Church Becomes a Saloon…

  1. Peter Jermyn says:

    Makes me wonder what’s next for that spot. And what do you suppose lived there before this building?

    • Lynette says:

      HI there, I haven’t found anything else for that particular spot- yet …. :). And contrary to what might be popular opinion, I wish we could get rid of some of those lots. Correction, I wish we could go back in time and save these lovely old buildings….

  2. Donna Bushnell says:

    Good morning!!
    I’m a historian for the Covelo/ Round Valley, Ca in Mendocino Co.
    Do you happen to have anything on record of the town? I’m looking for pictures and articles.

    Thank you!!
    Donna Vann Bushnell

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