Fire Guts the Gross Building – in 1923

It turned out to be relatively easy to find information on the fire in the photo above – because “The Kandy Kitchen” provided a great clue. In the article published on April 14, 1923, the Humboldt Times reported on the “most expensive fire loss yet sustained in Eureka.”

The Red Cross Pharmacy, Mathew’s Piano House and the Toggery men’s store were among those impacted and the Bon Boniere candy factory (located in the basement of the building) reported that their stores of chocolate and sugar had been soaked by what some complained was excessive water use by the fire department. The fire chief, naturally, defended his crew and resented the criticism. Please check out the story below to read more about the fire and all the tenants housed in the Gross building, which still sits at the corner of 5th and F Streets.

While I agree that the trees and other greenery planted along our roads enhances our community, it can be rather frustrating when lining up old and current photos.


3 Responses to Fire Guts the Gross Building – in 1923

  1. julie fulkerson says:

    I had no idea about this. Where my business Plaza Design Furnishings, Art and Garden stores were decades later.

    • Lynette says:

      Yeah, I just found out about the fire by accident. I forgot you had that space. Seems so long ago… 🙂

  2. […] is just a great photo that offers another view of the Gross Building, which suffered a fire in 1923 and other buildings (some now gone) along F Street (please click on the picture to enlarge to see […]

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