Great Photo of Falk, 1912

February 27, 2013
Written on image  "photo by S.U. Bunnell 1912 #67 Falk p.77"

Written on image “photo by S.U. Bunnell 1912 #67 Falk p.77”

I’ve seen many photos of Falk (and posted some) but this is one of the best I’ve seen.

For those unfamiliar with our area, Falk was deep in the Elk River Valley, just south east of Eureka-a lumber town established in the 1800s and razed after it was abandoned years later. You can see remnants of the town and read about the history by visiting the Headwater’s Reserve which cuts through the old town site. It has a nice mile of paved trail (easy to do even after a recent rain) and miles more of a dirt and gravel path.

Photos of Falk

October 11, 2010


Falk, c 1890

Falk, c 1900

Falk, c 1915

Falk log dump, c 1920

Folks can visit where Falk used to be–and sometimes spot remnants of that long-ago ghost town.  In fact, one old barn has been reconstructed in an easily accessible area of the Headwaters Reserve for all to see and enjoy.

Interested folks can also check with HSU to see if there will be any more archeological forays into the area.

Volunteer at Falk this Friday and Saturday

November 2, 2009


Their flyer was so cool, I just decided to use it (though you may have to magnify your screen a bit to read it).

I also received this …

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming fieldwork in the historic townsite of Falk, located 5 miles southeast of Eureka in the Headwaters Forest Reserve. Our first visit to the area is planned for Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7, 2009. We will be hiking approximately one mile on a flat, paved trail and then crossing a creek to access the study area. The creek is low right now and we have been removing our shoes to cross it. On Friday, we will be meeting at the Cultural Resources Facility Office (BSS 124) at 8:00 am or you can meet us at the Headwaters Forest Reserve parking area on Elk River Road at 8:45 am. To get to the parking area take the Elk River Road exit off Highway 101, at the south end of Eureka. Turn right onto Elk River Road and drive approximately six miles to the Reserve parking area.  Rain will cancel the fieldwork.

If you cannot make these first few days, don’t worry, fieldwork in Falk will be ongoing, every Friday and Saturday, for the next three months.

Items to bring:

1)Bring a lunch and water
2)Layered clothing, it’s rather shady in our study area

If you have any questions please email the office at, call at 826-5247 or stop by in the BSS Building, Room 124.  We will send out a confirmation email on Wednesday with any necessary updates.

Thanks again for volunteering your time. We look forward to seeing you!

Getting to work at Falk

October 23, 2009
Falk, about 1890

Falk, about 1890


I talked to Bill Rich yesterday, and the folks at HSU are getting ready to start digging at the historic town site of Falk.

In it’s heyday, Falk was a company mill town in the Elk River Valley with over 400 residents.   Unfortunately a drop in lumber demand in the late 1930s forced the mill’s closing and by the 1950s, the town was deserted (ish).  Squatters were living in the abandoned buildings and treasure seekers were looting the site.  These problems and concerns over legal liability prompted property owner Sierra Pacific Lumber Co to demolish the town in 1979.

In 1999, the Headwaters deal came through, and the  Bureau of Land Management took over the area. The BLM wants to use the townsite as an educational area with self-guided, and possibly guided,  tours.   Careful excavation of certain buildings and areas will  help folks learn more about how people lived in this isolated 19th century mill town and volunteers are welcome to help .

The crew will be working mostly Fridays and weekends so that they can get as many folks involved as possible and will focus on the dancehall and a small bachelor’s cabin site.

Call  Jamie Roscoe or Bill Rich at the HSU Cultural Resources Facility at (707)  826-5247  for more info or to sign up.  You can also call Dave Johnson, archaeologist at the Arcata BLM at (707) 825-2320 for more info.

Volunteer opportunity at historic Falk

August 25, 2009
Ox Team hauling redwoods

Ox team hauling redwoods

Anyone with interest in history and even a little bit of extra time this fall should get out their phones.

Humboldt State University will be holding a historical archaeology field school during the fall,  2009 semester  in the historic town of Falk  and the public is invited to participate.

The field work will happen during october and november, between the rainy days.  Folks can just volunteer or can sign up through HSU and receive credit.  You’ll be digging in the dirt with the archeologists, looking for historical “treasure”.

Call  Jamie Roscoe or Bill Rich at the HSU Cultural Resources Facility at (707)  826-5247  for more info or to sign up.  You can also call Dave Johnson, archaeologst at the Arcata BLM at (707) 825-2320 for more info.

The excavations will be conducted at the dancehall and a small bachelor’s cabin site.  Bill Rich says they are also looking for anyone with stories about this dance hall or any other,  and artifacts from the area.  

Anyone with info or an extra ounce of energy they want to spend at the site should give ’em a call.

Herrick Avenue Exit, South Eureka, c.1950

February 28, 2013


If you keep clicking to enlarge the photo, I believe you’ll see the back of this Elk River building, which was painted by my friend Frank Speck.


The sign pointing the way to Falk is also pretty cool and reminds me of the Hwy 101/299 interchange in 1933