Arcata Creamery Building-still shiny and new

October 15, 2010

California Plant of Central Creameries

The old creamery building in Arcata provides a great example of  a repurposed old structure.  It is now home to the Arcata Playhouse , a great community venue for all kinds of events.

That great old car would help me date this photo, if I knew anything about old cars…

Fortuna Train Depot, early days

December 11, 2009

Fortuna Train Depot

This is a great example of repurposing an old structure.
This old train depot is now the Depot Museum in Fortuna.   It contains all kinds of fun historic displays, as well as some historic documents for those researching genealogy or other specific topics.
The building was moved from it’s original location at the foot of 8th Street to Rohner Park (take first Fortuna exit and keep driving about 3 ish miles.  The park entrance is on the left). 
A google search found me this photo, which has even more great period details. 

Fortuna train depot, c. 1914

Humboldt’s too smart to raze buildings

December 2, 2009


I receive This Old House magazine and one of the “Thirty lessons learned in 30 years of TOH TV” is that restoring an old house is a good investment.

The article points out that not long  ago (1970s) razing old buildings to make way for “progress” was common.   Many local buildings, such as the original Arcata City Hall, were lost this way (the photo below is a repeat, I know, but what a great old building).

Original Arcata City Hall

Fortunately, many things have changed (and few Humboldt residents had the funds to flatten old buildings and construct new ones from scratch).  Today we have many wonderful historic structures in the area.  

Just yesterday I worked for a client who has his office in the Stewart School Building in Arcata (across from the high school).  The building was built in 1925, closed some time ago as a school, was repurposed as office and studio space, and just became the new home of College of the Redwood’s Arcata extension program.

Hopefully this trend of repurposing historic structures will continue.  Not because we’re too poor to destroy old structures to create new buildings, but because we’re too smart to.