Listening to the dead

October 30, 2009

Growing up I was a big fan of John Edwards,   a professional and very popular medium who claimed to talk to the dead.

 Edwards has his cynics  but there are also many apparent believers, as his live shows are consistently sold out around the world and his personal readings are booked years in advance.

 I like the idea of ghosts, of becoming something else when we die rather than simply disappearing forever.  And when I look around carefully, there is plenty of evidence that something more does exist.

Charles’ obituary on my wall upstairs is a good example.    That can’t be easily explained… and if I did the math and calculated the odds… how many local papers have been printed in the last 100 years (because though Charles’ obit was published in 1928, the papers on the wall up there date from 1908—and some of those are from Canada).   We’re talking crazy odds, inexplicable odds.

Lucy wants her story told, I don’t doubt it for a moment.  Too many strange coincidences have happened over the years for me to ever doubt it.  And so here I am.

 But what about other ghosts, other stories?

The story of Jack Ryan


Jack Ryan's alleged double murder "confession"

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