A Shooting Gallery and a Marble Shop along Eureka’s Waterfront (1889)

May 29, 2020

I have to admit that while convenient for some, Eureka’s old town parking lots are starting to make me sad. I have looked at enough photos and maps to know that each of those lots used to be packed with interesting businesses and buildings. For example, this was Eureka’s waterfront between C and E Streets in 1889….

Eureka.Waterfront.C-E.Sanborn.1889_002_PAGE 2.C-E.1st-3rd

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1889

It looks like Baird’s Opera Hall may still be there. Maybe… 




Google again

But nothing else survived…. 

Carson Block – Then and Stucco and Now

May 24, 2020


Notes from 2020:   This is another of my favorite posts highlighting a true architectural treasure in Old Town, Eureka (with some added 2020 notes)…. 

Here is a story the Lost Coast Outpost did about the restoration work.

And here is a little blurb from the Arcata Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) that gives a little history on the building and the financing that made the restoration possible

And this story by Kathy Dillon for the Eureka Heritage Society’s Architectural Legacy newsletter gives the most detailed information about the building’s history and restoration. This also includes some great photos of the building’s original Ingomar theater.

Please click on the photos below to enlarge and see details.

1892.12.23_Daily Humboldt Times (Humboldt County Library)

1892.12.23: Daily Humboldt Times (Humboldt County Library)

1904- Souvenir Photo-Carson Block Ext (Humboldt County Library)

1904- Souvenir Photo (Humboldt County Library)

Carson Block Building (Humboldt County Historical Society)

Humboldt County Historical Society

Carson Block Building (Humboldt County HIstorical Society)

Humboldt County Historical Society

NCIDC Collection

NCIDC Collection

NCIDC Collection

NCIDC Collection

North Coast Journal, January 2016

North Coast Journal, January 2016

The building is quiet now, but that will change….

House where Arcata City Hall Now Stands

May 22, 2020

Humboldt State University Special Collections, Palmquist/Yale [1999.02.0117]

This photo reminds us that it is always good to enlarge and check out the detail. I must have looked at this at least three times before I noticed the kids in the tree.

Given the slope of the hill, it looks like the house was facing 7th.


HSU description says this house was the “Downing home where city hall now stands 7th &  F”. Susie Van Kirk also notes “Built by Rease Bros 1901”

Looks like Mr. Downing was a plumber and was renting the house- at least in 1930.

Arcata.Downing.Census.Residents house at city hall


And he and Myrtle were married by 1910- though I can’t read the address on the census…

Arcata.Downing.Census.Residents house at city hall.1910

I posted the complete census pages because, well, census records can be fun. Enjoy…

Eureka’s 5th & F Streets,1914

May 20, 2020

I love the diagonal parking

And there is another of those streetcar lines….


Source: County of Humboldt Collection (postcard)


Thanks, Google

Halloween in early Arcata? (repost)

May 19, 2020

I am seeing new local traffic on this blog (maybe because I am actually posting again…?) so I thought when I don’t have a new post ready I would share some of my old favorites. Like this one…. 


It was only when I magnified this photo that I noticed the creepy masks in the window.


2020 note:

Dang, now I have to admit I had missed a lot of other great details before (distracted by the masks, as I was….).

I love the boardwalks and trees just up the hill on H Street and it looks like the Union newspaper office was headquartered up a bit on the right side of the street. I also like that Arcatans had a local dentist and time to lounge around on public benches (click to enlarge).


And today…




Eureka 1893-94 Business Directory

May 15, 2020

I saved this one for Friday- so you can explore it over the weekend….

Google has digitized this fun.

Eureka Business Directory 1893-4: A Complete Register of the Citizens of the City of Eureka, Humboldt County, California

You can look up your great-grandparents  or see that you could get “Humboldt Pure Lard” in 100 lb. Kegs.

Please note that you can customize your display, or how you view the book online, by clicking display options on the upper right hand corner of your screen.







Back to 2nd Street, Eureka…

May 14, 2020

I was distracted the other day by my discovery of an Armory Hall in Old Town Eureka on 2nd Street between C and D, but now back to the basics…


I’ve always loved that Fairwind sign on the side of the building, but apparently it isn’t that old….



It looks like the Armory was gone by 1920- but there were a LOT of saloons so still plenty of places for drinkin’. Whew… 

I have posted about this area before (and noted that the two hour parking limit goes way back)- but without benefit of the map or satellite below…



Eureka.C-D.2nd.Sanborn.1920_007_PAGE 2

Sanborn Map, 1920

It doesn’t look like  many of the original buildings are left, but there are a few…


Thanks Google