November 8, 2012

Hello everyone,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not responding to those of you who have recently submitted comments or emails related to this blog.

I have been focusing my free time and energy researching the legal indenture, or enslavement, of Native Americans during California’s settlement period. Those who have followed this blog know that I believe this topic is important and warrants wider recognition, discussion and study than it has ever received.

I plan to continue my research/writing on the topic and am not really sure when I’ll be active on this blog again. Visitors are welcome to comment on posts and/or email me at historyaddicts@gmail.com but please keep your expectations for a response very, very low.

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Obsessing Over Ferndale’s Dead

March 8, 2012

Ferndale, c. 1885 (County of Humboldt Collection)

I am not obsessing over Ferndale’s dead (really, I swear) but whoever (whomever?) took these photos had a very cool idea.

The first I have is from 1876 ,

the second from around 1880 ,

And now this one. And I may have more…

Though obsessing over the dead wouldn’t be new for Ferndale. I was a kid when they filmed Salem’s Lot there and recently a friend moved into one of the houses used in the movie.  Hope no floating boy scratches at his window…. 

Ok, and yes, it was a terrible movie, but I had a crush on the boy (not the undead one–the clever brave one that helped hunt and kill the vampires).  I also watched them film a couple of scenes, which was a first for me.

Extreme Weather Shelter for Homeless OPEN TONIGHT

January 15, 2012

We were ready to have a test run of Eureka’s Extreme Weather Shelter for the homeless when Mother Nature jumped the gun.   A hard freeze warning for TONIGHT prompted the opening the Extreme Weather Shelter at the St. Vincent’s Dining Facility  at 35 West 3rd Street, in Old Town, Eureka.

I am posting this in case someone out there sees someone who needs shelter for the night.

Please send them to the Eureka Rescue Mission, 110 2nd Street in Eureka


Coordinator Steve Bell is at the Dining Hall to welcome folks and between St. Vincent’s and the Rescue Mission, Eureka can provide shelter to everyone who wants to be indoors tonight.  We even have donated dog kennels so folks with animals can be sure their pets are safe.

I will post more about this project in a bit, but wanted to get the word out about the shelter now.

Please help us to help those who need it most…

Seeking Russ Family Cousins

January 11, 2012

Hello everyone,

I know I’ve neglected this blog terribly and hope to get back to it soon.

In the interim, I am hoping today to use it as a way to connect a Joe Russ descendant to other Russ folks in Humboldt County.

Her name is Julia and she ran across my post about rumors regarding pioneer Joe Russ. She lives in Willits and I’d love to use this blog to connect her to her extended family up here.  Can anyone help?

If so, comment on this post or send me an email historyaddicts@gmail.com



Julia’s comment:

I have never heard about this “story” but I am Gus Russ’ grand daughter and yes…our grandma was Wailaki Indian.   We don’t know too much about our Grandpa Gus’ family the Russ Family but we thought that his dad drowned in the Trinity River.  Grandpa Gus’ mom passed away and he was raised in the Long Ridge area and finally ended up moving to the Round Valley Indian Reservation where he is an enrolled member.  I am and always have been very curious about my Russ Family and would love to meet family members.  I live in Willits and my dad, Joseph Russ, Sr. still lived in Covelo on the Round Valley Reservation.

Lucy’s Children

July 27, 2011

After finding the inquest,  I became compelled to learn more about Lucy and began hunting for information where ever I could find it.  Fortunately members of the Preston family wrote a book about their history and included information about Lucy…  

From The Preston/Lindsey Trail, 1995 ( Rosaline Preston and Carol Huber) [A copy of this book is in the Humboldt Historical Society]

page 105

“The eldest girl was named Carrie and the old pioneers Bowls raised her. She married and came to Blue Lake about six years ago, where she died.”

“The other girl was named Annie and my father and mother Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Preston, took her to raise and she grew womanhood with my father’s family and when she was about nineteen years old she was married to a man by the name of James … at my father’s ranch, known as Blue Slide, in 1876, by L Foster. Soon after Annie and her husband move to Covelo, Mendocino County. Some time ago Mr. … died and Annie married a man by the name of Arthur … and they were living at Covelo the last time I heard from them.”

“Some stories told of only one baby surviving the massacre, others of two or three but actually there were several survivors who stayed hid for fear of also being killed. The three children that were known about were two sisters and a brother. In an article in the Arcata Union, 12 Apr 1928, under the title of “Pioneer Makes A Correction” Mrs. Sarah Jane Preston Bates tried to clarify some of the confusion after the death of Charles Muhlberg when his obituary said he was the lone survivor of the island massacre. She says the obituary was not entirely correct as the Indian mother was found murdered in a cabin which stood on the old Preston ranch north of Arcata, about where the Twin Park building addition is now located. The Preston family took one of the three children, a girl, which they named Annie Preston and raised’

1928, March AU (29 March 1928) Death Recalls Tragic Incident-Charles Muhlberg, a painter and paper’ hanger, who has made his home in Arcata and Blue Lake for many years past, died at a hospital in Eureka Thursday from heart trouble from which he had been suffering for some time past.

Muhlberg was born in Arcata in 1860 and was 68 years of age. His mother was an Indian woman and from Mrs. Marie Todd, one of our early day pioneers, is learned a tragic incident connected with his childhood. The mother lived in a small cabin on the edge of the old Preston ranch which is now Twin Parks Addition, north of town, with three small children, two girls and an eight months old infant son, who was Charles. The mother was found murdered in the cabin, Charles being at her breast. Gustav Muhlberg took the boy and girl to raise, the other daughter being taken into the home of the pioneer Bowles family. Who killed the mother always remained a mystery.

One of the sisters grew to womanhood and became the wife of Jack Wright, passing away some years ago. As near as can be learned, a half sister, whose name was Mrs. Minnie … survives, her last known address being Sacramento. A niece whose first name was Emily, at one time lived in San Francisco.

The funeral was held from the Dolson-Devlin Funeral Parlors on Monday afternoon, Rev. C.P. Hessel officiating

Mill Shop, c. 1920

July 7, 2011

Unknown Mill Shop, c.1920

Crannell Dam and Fish Ladder, c. 1924

June 7, 2011

Crannell Dam & Fish Ladder, 1924

Blue Print for Samoa Worker Cottage, c. 1903

May 31, 2011

Worker Cottage, Vance Redwood Lumber Co., Samoa, c.1903

Pioneer Stables in Arcata

October 7, 2010

Stables and power lines. 

This is Arcata, but I’m not sure where.  The road to the right of the building looks like it goes straight to the bay, but I can’t  place the location.  I Street maybe?


Free Salsa Tasting Tomorrow- Arcata Farmers’ Market

September 24, 2010

Tomorrow at the Arcata Farmers’ Market from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. there will be a public tasting of original salsa recipes developed by six teams of 4th-6th grade students and their wonderful mentor-chefs.

This event was sponsored by the Humboldt County Office of Education and will feature kids from Pine Hill, Lafayette, Arcata Elementary, Trinidad, South Fortuna and Ambrosini schools serving original salsas and looking adorable in their little chef jackets.

Six great chefs helped the kids develop their original recipes. Those Chefs were

  • Beverley Wolfe from Avalon
  • Josh Wiley from Plaza Grill
  • Rita Pimentel from Rita’s Mexican Grill
  • Rosa Dixon from Natural Decadence Catering
  • Melody Dale from Curley’s Restaurant
  • Angi Caudill from Scotia Inn/Dorris & Daughter Catering.

Judges will present awards AND there will be a People’s Choice Award (the most coveted by the kids).

So please, come out and try some great salsa and vote for your favorite.

We’ll be on the Arcata Plaza lawn at the corner of 9th and H Streets.  If you have any questions call me,  the event coordinator at 845-0467.