Eureka’s 5th & F Streets,1914

May 20, 2020

I love the diagonal parking

And there is another of those streetcar lines….


Source: County of Humboldt Collection (postcard)


Thanks, Google

Halloween in early Arcata? (repost)

May 19, 2020

I am seeing new local traffic on this blog (maybe because I am actually posting again…?) so I thought when I don’t have a new post ready I would share some of my old favorites. Like this one…. 


It was only when I magnified this photo that I noticed the creepy masks in the window.


2020 note:

Dang, now I have to admit I had missed a lot of other great details before (distracted by the masks, as I was….).

I love the boardwalks and trees just up the hill on H Street and it looks like the Union newspaper office was headquartered up a bit on the right side of the street. I also like that Arcatans had a local dentist and time to lounge around on public benches (click to enlarge).


And today…




Drinking Fountain for Man, Horse & Dog (repost)

May 17, 2020

Originally posted December 1, 2010

SoHum Historian, Olmanriver,  sent me some wonderful newspaper excerpts full of all kinds of random community news, but this, inexplicably, is the one that struck me. 

As always, thanks so much ‘River, for being so generous with your information !

 In 2010 I was unable to find any photos of the type of fountain described below but thanks to Milton Phegley, in 2020 I can share this. Thanks Milton !


“The Daily Humboldt Times” Eureka, California
Thursday, July 29, 1897
The drinking fountain which was ordered from J. N. Fish, of New York, by the retiring council on the night of its last meeting, has been landed safely in this city. It stands 5 feet 4 inches & measures 22 inches in diameter at its base. It weighs 800 pounds & is well adapted for city use, having been made extra strong to resist the knocks & jars of heavy trucks. The fountain possess an ornamental top piece. It is furnished with three basins at which man, horse & dog may drink. The basin which will be used by pedestrians & the trough for horses are on opposite sides & about midway up the fountain. The vessel provided for dogs is near the base & it catches what water escapes from the other two bowls. A self closing faucet regulates the flow of water by means of an automatic ball-valve.

The cost of the fountain in New York was $93, to which sum must be added $21.40 freight charges, making the total cost $114.40.
The sum of $25 will be donated by the W C T U (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) towards the expense of the fountain, & the Ricks Water Company will furnish the water used free of charge to the city. The fountain will probably be set up on the curbstone on the F street pavement where it will be convenient for the greatest number of pedestrians & people driving horses. The need of such a drinking structure is strongly felt in this city, where nothing of the kind is provided for the general public.

Eureka 1893-94 Business Directory

May 15, 2020

I saved this one for Friday- so you can explore it over the weekend….

Google has digitized this fun.

Eureka Business Directory 1893-4: A Complete Register of the Citizens of the City of Eureka, Humboldt County, California

You can look up your great-grandparents  or see that you could get “Humboldt Pure Lard” in 100 lb. Kegs.

Please note that you can customize your display, or how you view the book online, by clicking display options on the upper right hand corner of your screen.







Back to 2nd Street, Eureka…

May 14, 2020

I was distracted the other day by my discovery of an Armory Hall in Old Town Eureka on 2nd Street between C and D, but now back to the basics…


I’ve always loved that Fairwind sign on the side of the building, but apparently it isn’t that old….



It looks like the Armory was gone by 1920- but there were a LOT of saloons so still plenty of places for drinkin’. Whew… 

I have posted about this area before (and noted that the two hour parking limit goes way back)- but without benefit of the map or satellite below…



Eureka.C-D.2nd.Sanborn.1920_007_PAGE 2

Sanborn Map, 1920

It doesn’t look like  many of the original buildings are left, but there are a few…


Thanks Google


Before Power Lines Cluttered the Blue Lake Sky (re-post)

May 13, 2020

I don’t know why but when I try to explain the fun of exploring the details of old photos, this is always the photo I think about. Because of the pig.

I thought I would re-post, just for fun… 


Once upon a time in Blue Lake, there were no power lines.

Looking south down H Street, Blue Lake

Looking south down H Street, Blue Lake (HSU Special Collection) 



But there were lights…

Gas Lamp

Gas Lamp

And pigs, apparently.

Pig On H Street, Blue Lake

An Armory Hall in Old Town?

May 12, 2020

It is funny how sometimes I start out with one plan and then a simple something catches my attention. The other day I decided to explore 2nd Street –  between C-D Streets but when I pulled the Sanborn 1900 map I saw an Armory Hall- 2nd floor on the corner of 2nd & C Streets. Never heard of it… 

Eureka.C-D.2nd.Sanborn.1900_003_PAGE 2

It looks like the original entrance to the 2nd floor is still there…?


I also found this online


And this (notice you could get into the ball for 50 cents)…


Posted on Pinterest with credit to the Clark Museum


If anyone knows anything else about the Armory Hall, please feel free to share in the comments…