Arcata Redwood Company, c. 1950

June 3, 2011

Arcata, c. 1950

I must confess that 1950 is just a guess based on the vehicles in the photo.  I welcome a more definitive date if anyone can help…?

H Street, Arcata, c. 1913

December 29, 2010

H Street Arcata, c. 1913

It is very worth your while to keep clicking on this photo to enlarge.

There are business signs and people, as well as a  couple of horse and buggy combinations,  further up the street that are difficult to see in the smaller image. 

Old Bike Store in Arcata

November 19, 2010

It is amazing to me how much cars have changed and how little bicycles have…

That is a calendar on the right, but I can’t quite read it.

[As always, keep clicking on the image to enlarge]

Pioneer Stables in Arcata

October 7, 2010

Stables and power lines. 

This is Arcata, but I’m not sure where.  The road to the right of the building looks like it goes straight to the bay, but I can’t  place the location.  I Street maybe?



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