When Arcata had tin-smiths and harnessmakers…

February 9, 2017
Arcata 1881 Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott

Arcata 1881
Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott

…In 1854 we find that Arcata had about fourteen stores carrying large stocks of goods, besides saddle and harnessmakers, jewelers, gunsmiths, tin- smiths, and several blacksmith and wagon shops, all of which did an active and profitable business. It seems that the first active officers of Arcata were elected in April, 1856, under the order of county judge, incorporating the village. There were four towns on the bay in 1855 — Humboldt, Bucksport, Eureka, and Union. The first three boasted of a store each, while the latter had seven large wholesale establishments, with harnessmakers, saddlers, etc., as indicated.




Results of an Arcata Tinman’s Hard Work…

January 27, 2016
Arcata 1881 Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott

Arcata 1881
Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott.  Left caption says: Robt. Burn’s Hardware Store. Right caption says: Burns Block.

You may recognize the commercial building on the upper right…

I have to admit I just grabbed this illustration out of Elliott’s book because it showed some early Arcata structures but I looked up Mr. Burns in the 1880 census (Ancestry.com). He appears to have done very well as a “tinman” who immigrated from England…



Eureka, 2nd & F Streets 1901 and Today

January 25, 2016

This is looking up F Street “standing” about 1/2 way between 1st and 2nd Streets.


Source: Humboldt County Souvenir Book, 1901


Source: GoogleMaps, Street View

Arcata’s Finest…

September 12, 2014


Source: Humboldt State University, Special Collections, Palmquist/Yale Collection [2012.02.0315]

I believe that it the Arcata Hotel behind them, which makes sense as it looks like they are standing in front of the old Arcata City Hall (which was where the newish commercial building at 9th & G Streets is now).



Arcata’s Phillips House-1955 Flood

September 9, 2014

Source: Historical Sites Society of Arcata [www.arcatahistory.org]

Rio Dell-In the Heart of the Redwoods

August 30, 2014

Source: HSU, Special Collections

Some towns change a lot over the years. Rio Dell, not so much.

Early Photo of Arcata (from the cemetery)

March 26, 2012

Arcata Cemetery

So my plan was to move right along with the Minor/quarry/mausoleum theme, but then I enlarged this photo and got all distracted by the names on the other headstones and the view of the hillside behind the cemetery.

I would love to get a current photo of Arcata from that same place.  If anyone has the time and inclination to get a picture,  please send it on to me.

And as always, just keep clicking to enlarge the photo.

Hunt is an old and familiar Arcata name–anyone have a kid with braces out there?