Original Winship School House

January 21, 2016

It goes without saying that losing these old school houses was a tragedy.

According to Fred Nelson (posted on Facebook):

Winship School replaced the old Grant School and was opened in 1890 with 500 elementary grade children. In 1896, it became the first high school in Humboldt Co. It became an intermediate school for 7 and 8 grades in 1914 and was closed in 1926. The old Winship was then demolished and the Eureka Municipal Auditorium was built at the location. (Please note, though, that other folks are saying that the Muni actually incorporated some of the original school building)


Source: Humboldt County Office of Education Collection 

HCOE.Winship Back View

Winship-back view 

Cattle on the Plaza

September 15, 2014


Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale [2003.01.1571]

HSU doesn’t have a date for this one, but it is pretty great and the two buildings on the right are still standing.


Unfortunately the old Arcata City Hall is not.

I believe the Historical Sites Society of Arcata was founded after this old beauty was razed.


Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale [2003.01.3576]