Results of an Arcata Tinman’s Hard Work…

January 27, 2016
Arcata 1881 Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott

Arcata 1881
Source: History Of Humboldt County,Elliott.  Left caption says: Robt. Burn’s Hardware Store. Right caption says: Burns Block.

You may recognize the commercial building on the upper right…

I have to admit I just grabbed this illustration out of Elliott’s book because it showed some early Arcata structures but I looked up Mr. Burns in the 1880 census ( He appears to have done very well as a “tinman” who immigrated from England…




Brizard Building (Jacoby Storehouse) c 1900

August 30, 2010

Brizard Building (aka Jacoby Storehouse) c. 1900

Darn.  It hasn’t changed much in one hundred and ten years, has it?

Jacoby Storehouse, present day