Original Winship School House

January 21, 2016

It goes without saying that losing these old school houses was a tragedy.

According to Fred Nelson (posted on Facebook):

Winship School replaced the old Grant School and was opened in 1890 with 500 elementary grade children. In 1896, it became the first high school in Humboldt Co. It became an intermediate school for 7 and 8 grades in 1914 and was closed in 1926. The old Winship was then demolished and the Eureka Municipal Auditorium was built at the location. (Please note, though, that other folks are saying that the Muni actually incorporated some of the original school building)


Source: Humboldt County Office of Education Collection 

HCOE.Winship Back View

Winship-back view 

The Carson Block Turret

January 7, 2016

Photos: NCIDC & Clarke Collections

Some day this project will be done and I’ll stop posting Carson Block Building photos. But not yet. I’m proud to say my client Pacific Builders is leading this project and doing an incredible job.

When Chapala Cafe was Herb’s Corner

October 17, 2015
HSU Special Collection: 2012.02.0097 (Yale/Palmquist Collection)

HSU Special Collection: 2012.02.0097 (Yale/Palmquist Collection)

Funny-I imagined the Fairwind as a hotel (the name is now painted on the side of the building  that houses Good Relations in Old Town, Eureka- I’ll have to read it more carefully…).

And it looks like we’ve had two hour parking in Old Town for at least 50 years…


Who doesn’t love a man doing laundry…

October 19, 2013


Please, PLEASE do click to keep enlarging this photo. The pulleys and hand cranks and other details are amazing. The tub on the left says “Troy” Laundry… [HSU Special Collection/Palmquist/Yale Collection]

Cafe Waterfront-Then and now

October 17, 2013



102 F ST – CAFÉ WATERFRONT Originally: THE WAVE SALOON/THE WEAVER BLDG.    (1st & F St) Style: Eastlake   Built:  1892   This building remains substantially unaltered from its original design.   Originally the Wave Saloon, a gathering place for fishermen, stevedores and  later on, loggers.  “The Bluebird Rooms”  (a brothel) were on the second floor. [Humboldt County Convention & Visitors Bureau]

Slash Burner on the Waterfront, Eureka

April 1, 2013


Some time ago I wrote about a slash burner in the middle of no where. Apparently there was one in the middle of Eureka as well.

I’m thinking that warehouse on the right is still there on the waterfront but can’t tell for sure….

[As always, keep clicking on the photo to enlarge]

Eureka, c.1929

February 7, 2011

Postcard:Eureka, c. 1929 (Antich)

This doesn’t even look like Eureka (looks more like San Francisco before the big quake).

There is definitely a lot going on here… and if anyone can place the location, I’d love to hear it.