Before the Arcata Hotel,1909

June 29, 2020

Before the Hotel.

And look at all those beautiful homes on the hill above the plaza. The street initially struck me as empty, but I see at least 3 wagons (deliveries, maybe?) and someone walking in the upper left. Oh! and a woman walking on the sidewalk on the far right.

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Arcata, 1909. Source: Omnia



Arcata Plaza, c. 1878

March 15, 2016
c. 1878. Brizard Collection (accessed at www.nps

c. 1878. Brizard Collection

I ran across this photo while doing research for a client and had never seen it before.

I have to wonder if the photographer climbed a tree, maybe, to get this angle…? (see comments for other theories).

We are looking from the G Street area down at the Plaza and the bay beyond.

Unfortunately this photo was taken a few years after a fire that took a lot of plaza buildings..

“In July 1875, a catastrophic fire swept the Plaza, burning the entire block to the north, all the buildings on the west half of the east side of the plaza and buildings on the block at the north east corner. ” [The Plaza, Arcata. by Susie Van Kirk]

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Single story Jacoby Storehouse on the Plaza

October 22, 2010

Arcata Plaza, prior to 1896


So the photo info states that this is prior to 1896 (maybe that is when the Union Hotel burned down or when the added floors to the Jacoby Storehouse ?) and according to Kevin’s book,  the Plaza wasn’t wired for electricity until April of 1895.

Plus notice the stars and stripes on the horses… Oh, and flags.  Lots of flags.

That leads me to believe this might be July 4, 1895…  Other thoughts?

Baby palm trees on the Arcata Plaza, c 1918

August 3, 2010

Arcata Plaza, c 1918