Technology in 1912

April 4, 2013

Little River Redwood Co Office 1912

We can remember this photo whenever our calculators stop working, our computer runs slow or our cell phone reception gets a bit scratchy.

Please click on the image to reach the source site where you can enlarge and see the great detail.

Oysters in Humboldt in 1932

February 24, 2013

Humboldt Bay Oyster Seed Dike, 1932 (Bonnut/County Collection)

Apparently the folks at the North Coast Journal knew back in 1995 that “Oysters have been commercially grown and harvested in Humboldt Bay for more than 100 years” but I had no idea.

And the industry continues to grow.

In August of 2011, the Times Standard reported that the Headwaters Fund put $200,000 into the industry. The funds are allowing the  Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District to go through the lengthy and expensive  permitting process for mariculture plots and then lease the “pre-permitted” property to oyster farmers—drastically reducing the costs to those small business owners.

According to Dawn Elsbree, Executive Director of the Headwaters Fund, the Humboldt Bay Harbor District is now about half way through the grant and working on the pre-permitting process.  They have been mapping the bay and working with regulatory agencies to resolve environmental concerns. They are also preparing a US Army Corps permit application and a CEQA initial study,  as well as finalizing the model they’ll eventually use to evaluate potential project effects on phytoplankton. Apparently state and federal agencies are watching the project and shell fish growers are interested as well – and  there seems to be potential for the project to be a model for other communities.

I have the original grant proposal but can’t figure out how to attach to my blog–email me if you want me to send you a copy-

And visit my friend Sebastian’s website, Aqua Rodeo Farms to get better acquainted with one of our local oyster farmers.

Harris (SoHum), Nov. 19, 1905

March 6, 2012

Really, photo detail doesn’t get much better than this.

Keep clicking to enlarge the photo and enjoy…

Once upon a time I did another post about how folks got their mail around Harris.

Ferndale, c. 1880

March 5, 2012

Ferndale, California, c. 1880 (County of Humboldt Collection)

Keep clicking on the image to enlarge the photo. I am guessing folks in that area will be able to recognize some of the buildings–and I believe that church is still standing.

White Deerskin Dance

June 1, 2011
White Deerskin Dance

Very rarely (but sometimes) it feels like a subject in a photo crosses time to connect to the present day.  To us.  This is one of those photos.

What must that young man be thinking about the (most likely white) photographer there to capture one of his community’s sacred events… (keep clicking on the photo to enlarge and you will see what I’m talking about)

Brizard Store in Early Blue Lake

April 24, 2011

Blue Lake


The Brizard Building on the right is still standing.

SoHum Pioneers

February 3, 2011

Undated photo-likely Southern Humboldt

This provides a good reminder to put names, dates and locations on your photos.  Someone a hundred years from now will be dying to know who in the hell they’re looking at !  And (this is just a personal recommendation) print hard copies of your photos.  Digital stuff is temporary, whether it seems that way or not.   Give your descendants something tangible to stick in a shoe box somewhere…