1906 Expulsion of the Chinese

January 24, 2016
The County photo is dated 1885, but Pfaelzer dates is 1906...

Source: Humboldt County Collection (notice the Yacht Club in the background)

Jeannie Pfaelzer included a photo in her book, Driven Out, The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans, that references a Chinese expulsion in Humboldt County in 1906- I’ve finally found the story…

In the summer of 1905, the Tallant-Grant Co. of Astoria, Oregon established a cold storage plant at Port Kenyon on the Salt River and with the commencement of the salmon season in October, purchased the fishermen’s catches for two cents a pound. During two months of fishing and at various times, daily receipts of nine, ten, and twelve tons were recorded (Ferndale Enterprise, 1 Aug. 1905; 17 Oct. 1905; 27 Oct. 1905; 5 Dec. 1905). Because Eel River salmon were no longer of the size or grade most desirable for cold storage purposes and in order to handle this surplus, the Company explored the feasibility of developing a cannery at Port Kenyon (Ferndale Enterprise 2 Oct. 1906). An inquiry was made to the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce about the employment of Chinese labor, without which, the Company claimed such a plant could not be successful. The Chamber responded that there would be no objection as long as certain conditions were met,including 1) the Chinese would work only at the cannery, 2) stay no longer than the period of operations, and 3) they would not be permitted at any time to leave the vicinity of the cannery (Ferndale Enterprise 22 June 1906). The Tallant-Grant Company built a 110×50 addition to the Port Kenyon Cold Storage Company building for the cannery, which began operations during the 1906 season. The investors felt that such a facility would be economically viable by utilizing the smaller salmon caught by the local fishermen and easily exported via the Salt River (Ferndale Enterprise 4 Sept. 1906; 9 Oct. 1906). Read the rest of this entry »

Whitethorn School-Bit of a contrast to Winship…

January 23, 2016
HCOE.Whitethorn 1

Undated (sadly). Source: Humboldt County Office of Education Schools Collection

Doin’s at the Arcata Train Depot

September 25, 2014


Arcata.Depot.C1950s.HSU.2012.02.0314 (1)

Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection  [2012.02.0314]

With all the banners and folks around, I think it was more than just a train they were waiting for-but can’t quite figure out what it was. I think the banner on the building may say “something something railway club” and from the vehicles, I’d guess 1950s…

Guy with the receding hairline and bigger (camera?) bag around his shoulder may be a reporter…?  And I like how the teens separated from the adults and gathered in the foreground.


Dredge on Humboldt Bay

September 7, 2014

Source: Humboldt State University Special Collection, Palmquist/Yale

I remember having a dredge in the south end of Humboldt Bay– just west of CR and north of the Eucalyptus grove on Hwy 101 but after enlarging this photo, I don’t think this is it–notice the town/settlement on the left.

Please enlarge as there is a lot of great detail aside from the dredge (including the guy standing on it).


Rio Dell/Scotia Bridge 1917

August 10, 2014

How a girl from Rio Dell could have waited so long to post this photo, I have no idea.


County of Humboldt Collection

If I’m understanding the caption right (and I think I recognize the typography). we are on Wildwood Avenue in Rio Dell looking south toward Scotia.  If you enlarge you’ll see two guys on the right-working on the bridge, maybe?

Redwood Stump Through Rohnerville, c 1880

August 2, 2014
Source: Humboldt County Collection; original Peter Palmquist Collection

Source: Humboldt County Collection; original Peter Palmquist Collection

I won’t get into the environmental consequences of logging  in this area-just hoping folks will appreciate the photo for the stories it shares

Hydesville-3 Miles from Alton and…

October 22, 2013


I seem to have an inexplicable fondness for old highway signs . This is Hydesville [HSU: Palmquist/Yale Collection]