Early Brizard Store, Weichpec

January 30, 2011
Brizard Store and Post Office, Weichpec

Definitely worth clicking on repeatedly to enlarge…

 This store used to exist less than a 1/4 mile west of the Weichpec Bridge towards Martin’s Ferry.  It is just an empty lot now…

On the opposite side of the road is an old cemetery where some of my husband’s ancestors are buried.

It is rather sad and beautiful place [see previous post].


“Injun”, not “Native American”

June 18, 2010

My brother-in-law is a  Hupa “Indian”  and  just asked me not to call him “Native American”.   This is  because, he said, his people were here long  before this land was discovered and called “America”. 

He is thirteen, and swears he thought of this himself.  He wants to be an “Injun” instead.

I’m going to honor his request.