Halloween in early Arcata? (repost)

May 19, 2020

I am seeing new local traffic on this blog (maybe because I am actually posting again…?) so I thought when I don’t have a new post ready I would share some of my old favorites. Like this one…. 


It was only when I magnified this photo that I noticed the creepy masks in the window.


2020 note:

Dang, now I have to admit I had missed a lot of other great details before (distracted by the masks, as I was….).

I love the boardwalks and trees just up the hill on H Street and it looks like the Union newspaper office was headquartered up a bit on the right side of the street. I also like that Arcatans had a local dentist and time to lounge around on public benches (click to enlarge).


And today…




Before Power Lines Cluttered the Blue Lake Sky (re-post)

May 13, 2020

I don’t know why but when I try to explain the fun of exploring the details of old photos, this is always the photo I think about. Because of the pig.

I thought I would re-post, just for fun… 


Once upon a time in Blue Lake, there were no power lines.

Looking south down H Street, Blue Lake

Looking south down H Street, Blue Lake (HSU Special Collection) 



But there were lights…

Gas Lamp

Gas Lamp

And pigs, apparently.

Pig On H Street, Blue Lake

Amphibious Ducks in Rio Dell During ’64 Flood

March 3, 2013

RioDell.Flood.DuckFerryingDocs.HSU.2012_02_0349.2 RioDell.Flood.DuckFerryingDocs.HSU.2012_02_0349.3

Rio Dell, the prettiest place around !?!?!?!

January 14, 2011

Rio Dell, c. 1912

I grew up in Rio Dell.  Our house was near the Eel and I grew up with a great view of the river and bluffs.  The town always had a bad reputation, but I often thought it was the prettiest place around.

Eureka in 1854

September 27, 2010

 According to the City of Eureka website, the Ryan and Duff Mill was the first successful lumber mill in Eureka and was powered by a beached steamboat.

Cycling is long-time interest in Arcata

September 17, 2010

Arcata Plaza Cyclists

Arcata is home to many avid cyclists-and apparently this has been true for a while now…

Per my standard recommendation, keep clicking on the photo to enlarge (those are some great buildings in the background).

Moonstone, c. 1915

August 6, 2010

Moonstone, c. 1915

 And the Mermaid Inn, which is what that banner on the upper right is all about…

Mermain Inn, c. 1915